To be paid for umpiring you need to complete the Form below and submit at the end of each month (for games umpired in that month only)

Payment will take 7 days

It is $25 for seniors and $20 for juniors


  • Mentoring umpires - You submit your request for the full fee

  • Umpires in Training / Mentees - You submit a request for half payment

D1M and D1W umpires are paid by SCHA (not us). Please visit their website to request payment.

If using this Form on a Mobile Device - just press submit once.

Umpire Payment Request

Bank details:

List of games umpired for the month:

For example:​

23/3/19 (J1B)

20/3/19 (D3M)

27/3/19 (D2W)

If you umpired a game but you were being mentored, please add that in:

For example:

23/3/19 (J1B) Mentored - half fee