About Us

Humble Beginnings | Pioneering Spirit


It's the way Flinders play the game, the ability for old girls and old boys to come back and play, the opportunity for the mother-daughter and father-son teams.’ 
Matt Campbell


Flinders Hockey Club originated from Matthew Flinders Anglican College in 1994.  Beginning as a junior club only with students playing in the local competition.  Since 1994 the club has grown incredibly and is now one of the largest clubs competing in the Sunshine Coast Hockey Association (SCHA) Competition.  Flinders Hockey Club strive to create a family culture which enables a positive and enjoyable environment for all age groups. 


As the club has grown in size so has its achievements.  Through hard work, playing for each other, incredible support from the sidelines and many other factors, Flinders Hockey Club have earned Major Premierships, Minor Premierships, Presidents Cup, Player of the Final, Player of the Year, Representative Members all the way through to Champion Club. 


Flinders Hockey Club are proudly sponsored by Amber Werchon Property.